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Is Credit Repair a Scam?

Meet the founder of a national credit restoration company that removed over 2 Million unverifiable negative entries from over 148,000 credit files

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Credit Karma Repair is a Division of Next Level Credit Plus We provide the fastest, most comprehensive credit restoration program in the industry, with our proprietary process taking just 60-90 days or less. This is 10 times faster than typical credit “repair” companies, that intentionally delay their work (or don’t know what they’re doing), while billing you month after month at $89-$199 per month for 12-18 months!


Our proprietary process is so fast, we typically get pre-approved financing offers for our clients within 90 days of starting with us – 10 Times faster than anyone in the credit restoration industry!.


Our system is designed for speed and effectiveness, with the end goal of making sure our clients credit ratings are healthy and can qualify for low-interest loans of many types, such as auto, home and business loans.


We are so confident in our proprietary Credit Enrichment system that we guarantee the results after 90 days, to make sure our clients trust that we always stand behind our work.

Happy Stories

“Credit Karma Repair services really helped me out when I was stuck trying to buy my first home. My credit scores were just 27 points too low and within 45 days they had some old charged off accounts removed, boosting my credit score by 55 points!”

Evelyn Jimenez


“The two credit cards I have had only $250 limits on them because my credit score was below 620. In less than two months or working with Credit Karma Repair, they had my credit scores increase by over 60 points. Then they told me how to increase my limits to over $1,000 each. A great service!”

Debra Peters


“I knew having credit scores of 631 were pretty low based on what I saw online, and was tired of being charged high interest rate on my car loan. After working with the guys at Credit Karma Repair services, they were able to get my scores increased to nearly 700 after just 60 days. Then they showed me how to refinance my car loan at a local credit union at half the interest rate I was paying before. These guys are awesome!”

Mark Martinez


Documented Proof


We understand that credit scores can be confusing. We also know that many people do not understand the difference between our fast Credit Boost program and traditional “Credit Repair.”

A: Our credit scores are based on a culmination of numerous factors including: payment history, the types of accounts one has, etc. There are several types of “credit scores,” however, the primary credit score used by a majority of banks and finance companies (over 90%) is the FICO Score by Fair Isaac & Co., which licenses its credit scoring model to the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

A: Without going into the whole history of credit scoring, the primary purpose of issuing and evaluating credit scores is to determine whether to lend to someone or not, and how much to charge if an entity were going to lend money to a particular borrower, based (of course) on their credit scores.


Essentially, credit scores have become a yield management tool, whereby a lender can use credit scoring as a reason to charge more to some borrowers than others.

A: Through many years of experience in the financial services industry including banking, credit analyses, and finance, and conducting extensive research on each of the credit bureaus, our Principals discovered that there are a minimum of 36 factors that determine your credit score.


The credit bureaus themselves only point to five primary factors, but the truth is, there’s an underlying set of secondary factors that can bias your credit score either higher or lower. These are things we address that few, if any typical credit “repair” firms even understand.

A: There are a number of consumer protection laws that provide a ‘safety net’ for folks just like you and me from damaging negative entries on our credit files.  The primary laws that we use when petitioning to have certain inaccurate, outdated, and unverifiable entries removed from credit reports include: the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Essentially, KNOWING these laws and HOW to legally challenge certain credit entries are critical to provide effective, fast credit restoration; this is our expertise.

A: Yes, in fact the laws we cited above (FCRA, FACTA, FCBA, and FDCPA) are all designed to protect consumers against abusive credit reporting by unscrupulous creditors and/or collection companies as well as the NUMEROUS human errors found on most people’s credit files. Companies that understand how to legally challenge unfair, outdated and inaccurate negative entries on credit files, are highly sought after to help clear up highly detrimental credit information that is unproven.

A: This is a tough question to answer because we are aware of several highly ethical credit repair companies that try and do the best work for their clients, then there are others that are really just trying to keep people in their program as long as possible so they can keep billing their customers $100 or more, per month, for 12 to 24 months on average. Credit Karma Repair Services is different because, we know the most powerful way to leverage the credit laws in our client’s favor, and, except for very difficult credit issues like bankruptcies, foreclosures and child support arrearages, there is a flat fee structure that incentives us to get your credit issues mitigated as quickly as possible. This way you can quickly start qualifying for low cost financing for a new car or home.

A: Again, the Principals of our firm are true credit experts, both for personal and business credit. We understand how to powerfully leverage specific clauses in the federal laws governing the major credit bureaus that legally force them to comply less they have potential liability for violating the laws.

A: Yes, we are happy to discuss your credit files with you, we’ll show you where you can get a copy of your credit reports so that we can review them with you, and give you an accurate assessment of the steps it will take to get your credit ratings looking great.

A: Yes, we offer a full pro-rata refund within 90 days based on the number of negative credit items we do not get mitigated (removed) from your credit files.

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